‘Kurt Cobain’- Monster Afterparty [FREE DOWNLOAD]

We just laced up a new track for y’all.  Download it on soundcloud here.



Harlem Shake by BAAUER

Here is a sick track to by Baauer.  These guys are taking over the TRAPmusic scene and if you don’t know what trap music is GOOGLE it (and its not the trap that you are thinking of).




The new mixtape is out today and its quite fitting since it is Halloween and all.

Download it here:





We will have download information on our facebook site  so check it out.




Boombox Voodoo Out Tomorrow!

Boombox Voodoo, MAP’s next mixtape, is coming out on Halloween!  We are changing it up a bit and incorporating new styles and collabs.  Check it out when it comes to an internets near you.


Stay tuned Monsters!



We always wanted to be a Knight In Satan’s Service so we decided to make a song about some of the most outrageous rockers of all time.  Original facepaint band KISS gave us some inspiration on this hot track.


Nardwuar Vs. Riff Raff interview











Nardwuar is back for another installment of his interview series with artists. Riff Raff is one of the members of 3 loco along with Andy Milinokis and Dirt Nasty and let me tell you, he is a weirdo.

Check out this Nardwuar interview because they are always hilarious!


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“Wild Boy”- MGK (Monster Afterparty Screamo Cover)

If you don’t know by now you know we love MGK.  He is sick!  We wanted to make a crunk version for all of you crunk kids.  We are getting a good response on this MGK song.  Some people love it some people hate it.  It’s just how it goes.
Screamo is back!



“Clockin In That Pussy”

I like this song and so should you.  If you get pussy then you must listen to this song.



“Monster Money Gang” Video

We made this video a while back scope it out!

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We Have Merch!


We are working hard to get all of our merchandise on our website but until then visit our online store at, https://monsterafterparty.bigcartel.com


You can get our awesome t-shirts directly from that site and we will have new merch to come soon.