Monster News

“Trippy” by Antiserum & Mayhem

Hotlanta producers Mayhem and Antiserum delivering a dose of that trap music for you!   I’m not gonna lie, this kind of sounds like a Drake song.  

Beazy Tymes “Got So Much”

We are really liking this track.  So much swag in it!  I couldn’t find much info on the artist but Im pretty sure we found some of his instrumentals on…

Exclusive New Track! “killing em softly”

Whats up MONSTERS! We have a new track for you and it’s available for free download now!  Check it out, download it and leave a comment.      

New Trap Music Blog

We want to start showcasing more music that we are into on our site.  We are still going to be  bringing you our own music but we also want to…

Ash Ketchum (pokemon master)

Don’t even begin to lie to us.  You know you love Pokemon.  We do too so here’s a song we wrote about our favorite trainer.  

Stretched Ears (SnapBacks and tattoos)

We have a new track for you now its a remix of Snapbacks and tatoos.  We’ve been stretching our ears way before it was cool!  Ohh and we have tattoos.